VideoBuilder- Product Review

What is VideoBuilder?

Have you ever struggled with how to make your videos more interactive and engaging? Are you tired of using static slides and graphics that make your content look unprofessional and basic? Do you upload your videos praying that someone will be captivated enough to watch the whole thing?

Introducing…VideoBuilder. In this product review, I’ll show you how VideoBuilder is the revolutionary video creation app that will allow you to kick your content up several notches! This amazing web app features 3D-motion avatars, fully customizable transitions,  motion graphics, and more!

You already know that video is starting to rule the world. And people’s attention spans are only getting shorter and shorter. The videos that stand out are the ones that get sales. This means that your need to grab attention and captivate is even stronger than ever.

This new app comes on the heels of the creators’ successful launch of VideoPal last year. VideoPal sold over 24,000 copies on the front end product just within the first week of launch! The launch was so positive and brought mindblowing results that they took it even further with the launch of VideoBuilder.

With a wealth of knowledge about video on their hands, the creators have proven that this interactive style of video converts better than any other type of video. With this technology, you’ll enjoy increased conversion rates and engagement and be able to generate more leads from your videos.


VideoBuilder’s Amazing Features

VideoBuilder is the first of its kind of the web! The VideoBuilder App comes with high quality life-like 3D Avatars that you can use in your videos.  The creators, Todd Gross and Paul Ponna, have built the world’s first automated “lip-sync” technology that integrates with your avatars.

This is truly a game-changer that noone’s been able to achieve before.

In just a couple of seconds, you can upload an audio file for the avatars, or you can use VideoBuilder’s groundbreaking text-to-speech technology, that will automatically adapt to your avatars’ lip movements!

The next-generation text-to-speech feature even features 47 different voices and accents, and over 24 languages, so you have a wealth of option on hand.

So don’t go gathering your camera, mic, and spokesperson just yet. Because you won’t need all that. VideoBuilder will easily and magically breathe life into your message.

Motion Animation Editable Logo Openers, Intros, Outros, & More…

The VideoBuilder creators even took it a step further with inbuilt text effects and transitions.

If you’d like to add flying text and eye-catching motion graphics, then this tool will do that for you. This will allow your content to flow seamlessly, instead of being choppy pieces of bland text, intros, and outros.

The best part is you won’t have to buy multiple video apps.

Import Green Screen Videos
You can also upload your own green screen spokesperson videos into the app to create beautiful videos for your avatars.

This feature-rich app really allows you to create HD videos more effortlessly. What’s even greater is that you won’t have to shell out a whole bunch of money to hire someone to do the graphics for you. Scratch out the long threads of emails between you and a graphic designer, too. Now you can customize your videos just how you like them. This impressive app will really change the way you communicate and present your amazing content.

The VideoBuilder team is gearing up for a HUGE launch of the product on July 21, 2017.


Special Bonuses for ireviewstuff audience!

You’ll get all these special never-before-seen features listed on the VideoBuilder salespage, but I’ll also be offering you some special bonuses to help you with your video marketing!

Stay tuned to this page for more updates.



More about the Creators

Todd Gross
You might recognize Todd Gross as a meteorologist and professional broadcaster for over three decades. He has now achieved great success as an internet marketer for the last ten years. He is a big promoter for using Green Screen technology in videos and has created several video-related products to teach others the skill of online marketing. He is a 3x Emmy Award winner and has also become the top internet marketing spokesperson for many online products.

Paul Ponna
Paul Ponna is an internet marketing expert and online entrepreneur. While at university, he built his own software company and then shortly thereafter he began to teach his strategies and internal software tools and empowers people to use the latest technologies to achieve financial freedom. He has built award-winning software products, such as VideoPal, VideoWave, eMoneyHosting, and eComContact.



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