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Video is ruling the internet these days. Just look at your Facebook feed; even just two years ago, most of it was pictures and statuses, and now you’ll mostly see videos on Facebook. That’s why I felt compelled to try Lifetime Stock Video, and here’s my review of it!

Earlier this month, I also reviewed Todd Gross’ product, Videobuilder, giving you the tools you need to produce quality videos with 3D avatars. Video software is everywhere, and video is thriving- to say the least.

Lifetime Stock Video makes it even easier for you to blow the competition out of the water. Lifetime Stock Video is the largest collection of 4K and HD video assets to be released to the public.

Why do you need Lifetime Stock Video?

Video is paramount in internet marketing. It’s proven most consumers would rather watch a video rather than read an article about something.

Again, your Facebook feed.

You’ll probably see content from an entrepreneur guru, like Gary Vee or Grant Cardone, in the form of video. It’s the most dynamic way to capture an audience’s attention.

It’s clear that if you want to produce videos, then quality matters. According to, high quality videos dominate YouTube’s search results. They analyzed over 1.3 million YouTube videos to figure the inner workings of its search engine.

They found 68.2% of videos on YouTube’s first page are in HD video or better. The first page– that’s where we all strive to be!

If you’re selling a product or service, then quality content is a priority.
In fact, good videos on your landing page can increase conversions over 80%.

Lifetime Stock Video Features

  • You’ll get membership to Lifetime Stock Video’s 4K & HD Stock Video Membership Club
  • Over 3,000 video background & video footage scenes
  • 250 4K videos are going to be added to the Membership Club each month
  • Includes full previews, browse access, and keyword & tag searching- so you’re not looking through hundreds of GBs of unsearchable assets (what a waste of money!)
  • the 4K videos are available in 6 sizes: from 426 x 240 up to 3840 x 2160.
  • HD videos available in 4 sizes: from 426 x 240 up to 1920 x 1080.

What I Thought of Lifetime Stock Video: Pros & Cons

thumbs up! Here are the Pros of Lifetime Stock Video


  • I like that the 4K and HD videos are available in so many sizes. That means that they’re compatible with any website or whatever software I choose to use.
  • I don’t have to downsize videos on my own.
  • Can’t complain about the easy navigation through the membership club! I don’t have to dig super hard for what I need.
  • No recurring monthly payments! A one-time purchase of only $22.00 for all of the above features is a steal.

I’m thinking of all the marketing videos I could use this for too:
– Affiliate review videos
– Testimonial videos
– Real estate videos
– Lead generation and Call-to- Action videos
– Sales videos
-…and so much more!

Keep Reading for these Bonuses!!

I always want to give you even more tools to succeed. Purchase Lifetime Stock Video now, and I’ll be sending these to you!

These bonuses are worth more than $8,000!

100 Extra HD Video Backgrounds

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 1- 100 HD video backgrounds

For a limited time, they’re including an additional 100 HD video backgrounds!

The cost to buy 100 HD video backgrounds at Shutterstock, Pond5, or iStock would be between $4,900 and $14,900.

They’re including this bonus 100 HD video background bundle to their early bird purchasers at no additional cost.

100 Royalty Free Music Tracks- $1,800 Value!

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 2- 100 royalty free music tracks
High-quality royalty-free music tracks like these cost anywhere between $18- $28 on Audio Jungle.

They’re including this bonus 100 royalty free music track bundle to their early bird purchasers at no additional cost.

Designer/ Developer Rights – $997 Value

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 3- designer/ developer rights

For the first time, they’re including Designer/ Developer Rights at no additional cost.

Now you can use any of their 4K and HD Royalty Free Stock Videos in your clients’ projects and clients’ videos, including commercial projects.

You’re welcome to charge clients whatever prices you like to include Lifetime Stock Videos in their projects.

YouTube Marketing Made Easy – $197 Value

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 3- Youtube marketing made easy
These simple and over-the-shoulder videos will enable you to increase your learning and make the most by using YouTube Marketing for you business.

It’s a proven fact that videos are the best way to pump up your learning, so you don’t go the wrong direction. Apply the latest YouTube Marketing tactics in the right way to attract more and more visitors and retain them for a long time.

YouTube Ads Made Easy – $197 Value

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 5- Youtube ads made easy
17 step-by-step high quality live & HD video tutorials that will teach you every step of the process.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for YouTube advertising success & shocking advertising case studies

This bonus includes:
Section 1: Introduction
a) What is YouTube Advertising?
b) Why you should use YouTube Ads for your business

Section 2: YouTube and your business
a) Knowing your business
b) Setting up YouTube for your business
c) Linking your YouTube channel to your AdWords accounts
d) Creating your video for advertising with YouTube

Section 3: Creation time
a) Creating your campaign
b) Creating the ad group and ad
c) Managing your video ad campaign

Section 4: Advanced techniques
a) Campaigns, ad groups, and content exclusions
b) Call-to-action overlays
c) Remarketing
d) Additional YouTube Ads tricks

Section 5: Additional tips
a) 10 Do’s to consider for YouTube advertising success
b) 10 Don’ts to avoid for YouTube advertising success
c) Premium YouTube advertising tools and services
d) Shocking YouTube Advertising case studies!

Conclusion: Lifetime Stock Video Makes it So Easy!

There’s literally no reason for you to put out bad content. With all the tools available, including the arsenal of resources in the Lifetime Stock Video Membership, quality videos are not only accessible, but easy too.




 Get instant access to Lifetime Stock Video!



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