Lifetime Stock Video Review

Lifetime Stock Video logo- Product Review

Video is ruling the internet these days. Just look at your Facebook feed; even just two years ago, most of it was pictures and statuses, and now you’ll mostly see videos on Facebook. That’s why I felt compelled to try Lifetime Stock Video, and here’s my review of it!

Earlier this month, I also reviewed Todd Gross’ product, Videobuilder, giving you the tools you need to produce quality videos with 3D avatars. Video software is everywhere, and video is thriving- to say the least.

Lifetime Stock Video makes it even easier for you to blow the competition out of the water. Lifetime Stock Video is the largest collection of 4K and HD video assets to be released to the public.

Why do you need Lifetime Stock Video?

Video is paramount in internet marketing. It’s proven most consumers would rather watch a video rather than read an article about something.

Again, your Facebook feed.

You’ll probably see content from an entrepreneur guru, like Gary Vee or Grant Cardone, in the form of video. It’s the most dynamic way to capture an audience’s attention.

It’s clear that if you want to produce videos, then quality matters. According to, high quality videos dominate YouTube’s search results. They analyzed over 1.3 million YouTube videos to figure the inner workings of its search engine.

They found 68.2% of videos on YouTube’s first page are in HD video or better. The first page– that’s where we all strive to be!

If you’re selling a product or service, then quality content is a priority.
In fact, good videos on your landing page can increase conversions over 80%.

Lifetime Stock Video Features

  • You’ll get membership to Lifetime Stock Video’s 4K & HD Stock Video Membership Club
  • Over 3,000 video background & video footage scenes
  • 250 4K videos are going to be added to the Membership Club each month
  • Includes full previews, browse access, and keyword & tag searching- so you’re not looking through hundreds of GBs of unsearchable assets (what a waste of money!)
  • the 4K videos are available in 6 sizes: from 426 x 240 up to 3840 x 2160.
  • HD videos available in 4 sizes: from 426 x 240 up to 1920 x 1080.

What I Thought of Lifetime Stock Video: Pros & Cons

thumbs up! Here are the Pros of Lifetime Stock Video


  • I like that the 4K and HD videos are available in so many sizes. That means that they’re compatible with any website or whatever software I choose to use.
  • I don’t have to downsize videos on my own.
  • Can’t complain about the easy navigation through the membership club! I don’t have to dig super hard for what I need.
  • No recurring monthly payments! A one-time purchase of only $22.00 for all of the above features is a steal.

I’m thinking of all the marketing videos I could use this for too:
– Affiliate review videos
– Testimonial videos
– Real estate videos
– Lead generation and Call-to- Action videos
– Sales videos
-…and so much more!

Keep Reading for these Bonuses!!

I always want to give you even more tools to succeed. Purchase Lifetime Stock Video now, and I’ll be sending these to you!

These bonuses are worth more than $8,000!

100 Extra HD Video Backgrounds

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 1- 100 HD video backgrounds

For a limited time, they’re including an additional 100 HD video backgrounds!

The cost to buy 100 HD video backgrounds at Shutterstock, Pond5, or iStock would be between $4,900 and $14,900.

They’re including this bonus 100 HD video background bundle to their early bird purchasers at no additional cost.

100 Royalty Free Music Tracks- $1,800 Value!

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 2- 100 royalty free music tracks
High-quality royalty-free music tracks like these cost anywhere between $18- $28 on Audio Jungle.

They’re including this bonus 100 royalty free music track bundle to their early bird purchasers at no additional cost.

Designer/ Developer Rights – $997 Value

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 3- designer/ developer rights

For the first time, they’re including Designer/ Developer Rights at no additional cost.

Now you can use any of their 4K and HD Royalty Free Stock Videos in your clients’ projects and clients’ videos, including commercial projects.

You’re welcome to charge clients whatever prices you like to include Lifetime Stock Videos in their projects.

YouTube Marketing Made Easy – $197 Value

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 3- Youtube marketing made easy
These simple and over-the-shoulder videos will enable you to increase your learning and make the most by using YouTube Marketing for you business.

It’s a proven fact that videos are the best way to pump up your learning, so you don’t go the wrong direction. Apply the latest YouTube Marketing tactics in the right way to attract more and more visitors and retain them for a long time.

YouTube Ads Made Easy – $197 Value

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus 5- Youtube ads made easy
17 step-by-step high quality live & HD video tutorials that will teach you every step of the process.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for YouTube advertising success & shocking advertising case studies

This bonus includes:
Section 1: Introduction
a) What is YouTube Advertising?
b) Why you should use YouTube Ads for your business

Section 2: YouTube and your business
a) Knowing your business
b) Setting up YouTube for your business
c) Linking your YouTube channel to your AdWords accounts
d) Creating your video for advertising with YouTube

Section 3: Creation time
a) Creating your campaign
b) Creating the ad group and ad
c) Managing your video ad campaign

Section 4: Advanced techniques
a) Campaigns, ad groups, and content exclusions
b) Call-to-action overlays
c) Remarketing
d) Additional YouTube Ads tricks

Section 5: Additional tips
a) 10 Do’s to consider for YouTube advertising success
b) 10 Don’ts to avoid for YouTube advertising success
c) Premium YouTube advertising tools and services
d) Shocking YouTube Advertising case studies!

Conclusion: Lifetime Stock Video Makes it So Easy!

There’s literally no reason for you to put out bad content. With all the tools available, including the arsenal of resources in the Lifetime Stock Video Membership, quality videos are not only accessible, but easy too.




 Get instant access to Lifetime Stock Video!



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Product Dyno Review


Hey there!   It’s Miss Product Review here again, bringing you another product review to help you reach success in internet marketing! Today I’m gonna give you the lowdown on this new platform, Product Dyno.

After trying this product, I honestly think that it’s a necessity in this online realm.

Why You Might Need Product Dyno

If you’re like me, you might be able to relate to this story:
I know you spend a ton of time building and figuring out the ins- and – outs of your product. I also started out with a vision in mind, invested a big chunk of money into it, and ran into a handful of issues along the way. There were a lot of aspects I couldn’t figure out myself but I pulled through.

I persevered and built a product better than before. It was pretty and easy-to-use! I was finally ready to launch my digital product out into the world.

I was very hopeful and knew that this would be a gamechanger. But…I neglected to pay attention to one super important aspect– security. Even more, my lists didn’t grow like we expected it to and our profits were minimal. I just didn’t have the technical knowledge to do all of that. Devastating.

Now I know if I had the extra help, then I’d be seeing a lot more success with my product. Really, did I just open up my product to be consumed by hackers and thieves? I couldn’t believe how careless I was. Another issue was that I needed to optimize my sales funnel too. I searched around for something that could help take this load off.

Then I found Product Dyno.


My Product Dyno Review: Here’s my Thoughts and Opinions


A great place to sell and promote digital products


Product Dyno Review : what the dashboard looks like
Product Dyno dashboard

If you create digital products online, like e-books, reports, e-courses, membership sites, apps, etc., then this is for you! We already know the advantages of creating digital products. Now we just need something to help deliver those awesome products.

Product Dyno is an amazing platform that allows you to sell and deliver digital products, securely and easier than ever.  I love how easy it is to navigate.

I was able to manage my content easily with their drag-and-drop feature.
I’m able to customize my product website to however I want it to look- without touching a line of code.

I also love that I can manage all my email marketing in one place. Keeping track of all the emails going out was always hard for me. Here’s even more features:

Product Dyno Features

• Dual- later security & licensing options:  Protect the hard work you worked so long to complete- it safeguards your work from being stolen by hackers and pirates.

• Easy to operate for both beginners and experts – without a huge learning curve.

• Helps you get your product to market quickly!

• Integrates seamlessly with ALL the main auto responders, affiliate programs, and payment gateways, like:

– Aweber, Get Response, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Constant Contact, SamCart
– Warrior Plus, JVZoo, ThriveCart, Clickbank, Stripe, PayKickstart, and much more!

• Powerful automation feature that saves you time and effort & helps you build a business that can earn you passive income. (Click here to see how it works!)

• Includes drip- fed content and member management

Product Dyno Pros and Cons


thumbs up! Here are the Pros of Product Dyno

  • I love the peace of mind I have now knowing that my products are protected.
  • You won’t have to go from website to website to check on my payment gateways and autoresponders.
  • I was super excited about automation! This product helps take care of the little tasks so I’m not spinning my wheels everyday.
  • Drip- fed content is something I didn’t think I could do before. Now I can offer customers time-delayed bonuses with my product.
  • I don’t need to be an expert coder to do all this! Everything is easy and the support team is great.


To be honest, I didn’t find many cons, but here’s some tiny things I wish were included:

I would’ve liked to see more payment gateways. And they also said that if there’s an autoresponder that’s not included yet, just give them a shout and they can add it on. 🙂

Other than that, Product Dyno did the job and I’m really happy with it.


Product Dyno Basic: $67. What a Bargain!

I really think that $67 is a steal for all that it does. It’s a platform that’s transformed how I build my digital products. Everything looks so professional, like I hired an expert to do all this for me!


Conclusion: Very happy with Product Dyno

I highly recommend checking out this product, even if you’re just a beginner. It’ll help you launch your digital product easily and securely!

Oh, and there’s a special offer too. Get UNLIMITED lifetime access now! You won’t get this offer for long, so you’ll want to jump on it.
Thanks for reading my review! I hope it answered any questions you might have. Leave me a comment below about your thoughts! 🙂


Don’t leave yet! I’m giving out these bonuses too!

Since I like this product so much, I’m gonna include some other bonuses with your purchase of Product Dyno!

Just shoot me an email with your receipt of purchase & I’ll email these to you.


Bonus included with Product Dyno purchase: Sales Funnel Strategies report

Bonus: How to Build Traffic to Your Website courseBonus: Ecommerce Profit Calendar


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Social Kickstart 2 Review- the Ultimate App for Facebook Marketers 

Social Kickstart 2- Publish content on Facebook and start your 14-day free trial

Intro to Social Kickstart 2

If you’re looking to build your Facebook or online presence, then this product is right for you.

This is my honest product review of Social Kickstart 2.
With Social Kickstart, you’ll be a keep track of your Facebook fan page and your  Facebook groups and easily scale and market it like never before.

As internet marketers know, Facebook groups are a useful tool for people wanting to build a tribe of people who are interested in your product or service. Through Facebook groups, you’re able to provide a ton of value and gain feedback from your target market.

Social Kickstart 2 will allow you to create content quickly, which is going to help deliver more traffic and likes to your page. This is helpful for building and monetizing your page.

Social Kickstart 2 Demo


Social Kickstart 2 FeaturesSocial Kickstart 2 features- Manage all fan page posts, discover engaging content, gain rich insights

On the dashboard, you can see all the campaigns in your fan pages or groups and be able to see the number of likes and members and see how many posts are being queued.

You’ll also be able to see the trajectory of your group in the last 90 days, in terms of how many likes and posts you have on your page.

On the navigation bar, you can click on the campaign that you want to work on and use Social Kickstart’s Quick Post feature. After creating your post, you can simultaneously post on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, at one time. This saves you the hassle of recopying and pasting the content on the separate channels.

Additionally, you can customized every aspect of the post, including if you’d like the image to be clickable or if you’d like your image to have a hyperlink. You can also edit your image message and schedule it to post in the future.

Social Kickstart 2- Publish content on Facebook that Goes Viral EVERY Time!
Social Kickstart 2 features- schedule posts, manage content queue, user management

Find Content 

This is the bread and butter of the Social Kickstart 2 app. 

You can search content through Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, memes, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. They’ve continued to add more platforms as their users have requested. What are other people posting about a specific topic across all these different channels?

If you find that there’s a page with great content and people are continuously engaging with it, you’re able to favorite the page so you can come back to it in the future.

Click on “Get All Posts” to sort a specific group’s posts and filter based on the most likes, comments, shares. Then directly from there you’ll be able to edit the posts and add it to your own page.

Tools section 

For those of you are monetizing your Facebook page, through for example, tee shirts, you can search the database of Facebook Pages to find relevant tee shirt designs being sold on Teespring. Socialkickstart also see their price points and when they were created.

This really saves a large amount of time you would normally have to spend doing product research.

Social Kickstart banner 2
—-Ready to try the app? Click here to visit the official website! —


Create a new audience and add a Re-targeting Pixel and select a landing page. Socialkickstart gives you a special link that leads to your landing page. When customers clicks the link, this gets added to your retargeting campaign on Facebook. It’s easy to build custom audiences and be able to re- market to the people who have already visited your site.

This is an extremely powerful tool because on average, it takes a potential customer 7 encounters with your content before purchasing. With the re-targeting ads you’re able to warm them up to your offer which makes it more likely that they’ll revisit your site.

Social Kickstart 2 features- TeeSpring research, FB ad maker, reply to comments

Facebook Ad Maker

This allows you to create ads without photoshop or design experience. Included are many Facebook ad templates that you can select. The new drag-and- drop feature and customizing tab makes it extremely easy to create an eye- catching ad.

Upload your own images and add different elements quickly and efficiently.


My Verdict

I’ve given this product a spin, and I believe this is an easy-to-use application- the concept is simple, but the benefits are huge. I especially like Social Kickstart 2’s Find Content feature which makes it easier to create relevant content that people will enjoy.

This app makes is accessible to even beginners who are starting out with Facebook marketing. The Facebook ad creator can be confusing, because there’s so many options you can choose. And you also have to figure out how to optimize metrics, such as CPC and conversions.

Social Kickstart makes the process of finding content, targeting the right audience, and releasing your content to the world even more streamlined.

Personally, generating consistent content can be a bit of a headache, but the added plus with this software is that I’m able to manage all my accounts in this one platform and delegate tasks to my team members.

And at only $27/ month, it’s definitely worth a try.
More info 

Social Kickstart 2 launches on July 13, 2017, for just $27/ month for their front-end offer.

Creator: Mark Thompson & Matt Callen
Launch Date: July 13 to July 18, 2017
Launch Time: 11 am, EST
Front- End Price: $27/ month or $197/ year or $247/ lifetime


—-Ready to try the app? Click here to go to the official website! —-

Social Kickstart 2- The Ultimate App for Facebook Marketers. Start your 14-day free trial.



With your purchase of Social Kickstart 2, I’ll send you these helpful bonuses below!

Bonus included with Social Kickstart 2 purchase- Facebook Timeline Opt InBonus included with Social Kickstart 2 purchase- FB Redirect Pro plugin
Bonuses included with Social Kickstart 2 purchase- Facebook Timeline Survey

Bonus included with purchase of Social Kickstart 2- FB GFX Pro software



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Builderall Review- Online Marketing Made Easy through this All-in-One Platform

Builderall Logo

Builderall Logo

What is Builderall?

Builderall claims that it is the “ultimate all-in-one marketing platform”.

Quite frankly, the features are astounding: you’ll be able to build websites, blogs, salespages, sales funnels, collect leads, track SEO, send emails, and much more.

If you’re anything like me or the many other business owners out there that are constantly pulled in 100 different directions, you probably have software upon software and enough tabs open to crash your computer in any given second.

And the thing is, I’m paying multiple expensive subscriptions to be able to use these different softwares. In this product review, I’ll let you know how this matches up to the competitors.

This is a one- up on WordPress, which can be difficult to setup for beginners because of the numerous themes, plugins and hosting you have to figure out.

The front- end price for Bullderall is only $29.95, which is worth looking into. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

Builderall Overview

The Builderall dashboard includes an overall look of all your projects going on at the moment. You can see how many websites are being built, how many apps are being built, how many campaigns are running, how many subscribers you have in your email list, etc.

Builderall user dashboard
Builderall dashboard


A key feature is the quick training at the bottom of the page which allows newbies to get a quick tour of the software to really maximize its potential.

I also love the easy-to-navigate menu on the left-hand side. Builderall includes a ton of templates and already built sales funnels that you can use. Upon clicking each of the templates, the page is loaded with all the different elements already, and you can customize your page according to your liking by just dragging and dropping and editing the text.

It’s easy to add your own images, videos and other elements like CTA buttons and headings and more.

A Funnel Blueprint depicts the full sequence of the sales funnel and how it works. For example, a visitor might get to the landing page, then to the checkout page, which connects to specific email sequence, then to the membership area and the course.

With each page, you can add your own content as well so it’s appropriately branded, so that your website put its best foot forward, looks stunning, high-class, and professional.

With the iOS and Android app creator, you have a simple interface that you’ll be able to configure easily in a similar way to the website builder.

Other Tools Included with Builderall

  • Email Marketing and Autoresponder- create your lists and build email sequences all in one place.
  • Builderall Academy is also available for people who might not be as familiar with creating funnels and sequences. There are many tutorials that teach you how to use the Builderall tools effectively.
  • Create animated videos- build captivating presentations, floating videos and more; embed videos, varying content styles: flat design, 3D carousel, 3D circle, etc.
  • Design Studio- for creating mockups and box designs
  • SEO On Page Report Tool- enter your URL and Builderall will generate a full report from which you can analyze and improve
  • Click Map- gives the snapshot of how visitors are interacting with your site.
  • Over 16 types of tools included!


—-Are you sold already? Try Builderall today!——
Go to the official website here.


Conclusion:  Builderall is an Awesome Tool!



  • I’ve never seen anything so comprehensive like this software. With over 16 tools, you won’t have to fumble around many different apps again. It’s literally all of the tools you currently use- Get Response, Click Funnels, Wix, Leadpages, Crazy Egg, WordPress, and more- all of which are costly to maintain. Builderall combines all of these powerful tools under ONE roof.
  • You won’t need to install confusing plugins or deal with coding an entire website, and won’t have to delegate this daunting task to an experienced coder. Builderall is a fully integrated platform.
  • Great support! It’s pretty much instant customer support. Now I don’t have to YouTube for hours on end just to figure out how to create a funnel and email sequence- the tutorials are all right there on the dashboard.
  • There are already 10,000 users who have built their businesses with Builderall.
  • Price can’t be beat! At $29.95, it’s way cheaper than the competition, like Clickfunnels’ $97 subscription.
  • After reviewing the platform, I’ve concluded that it’s something that ANYone can learn- from the beginners to the gurus. It is also applicable to all online marketers in ANY niche because it is so comprehensive.

—Try Builderall today! Go to the official website here—



  • I’ve run into some issues with mobile optimization. I reached out and the team got back to me! A bigger team of developers has been working on it.


Now that you’ve read my whole review, here’s some….

Special Bonuses for You!
Not only will you get all these incredible features from the Builderall platform, but because this offer is so awesome, I’m going to be giving you guys even more BONUSES!

If you download Builderall here, I’ll include more tools that will help you:
* automate your business
* build your web traffic
* create effective marketing campaigns
* generate more leads
* save you time
* push your visitors down your funnel
* maximize your profits
* and more!



Creator of Builderall- Simon Warner

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CoEmbed Product Review- Embed Any of Your Call to Actions on Your Website or Video!


What is CoEmbed?

CoEmbed is a new and powerful cloud- based tool that allows you to embed any CTAs onto your video or website! You can include clickable links, pop- up images, and even opt-in forms and more. This is my honest product review of Coembed after trying the software.

This is powerful for anyone who:

  • Uses webinars as part of their course introductions and content.
  • Wants to share quality videos that drive FREE traffic from various social media platforms.
  • Is building an online business and wish to increase leads and conversions
  • and much more!

Coembed Features

Coembed makes it simple to embed your video (or even any video from an authority website) with clickable links!

This allows you to work smarter because you’re leveraging other people’s quality content and their brands. Build your own list that’s eager to hear about your offers and monetize easily.

From the Coembed dashboard, you can search for viral videos that are trending or add your own videos in.

Design your CTA, links, opt-in forms, share buttons, etc. to your own preference and in line with your company branding. The page refreshes automatically to reflect the changes you have made.

You can even post or schedule your Coembed campaigns on your social media accounts, blogs, and more. You’ll be able to preview how your video will look on each social media platform.
Keep your audience engaged and waiting for your next quality posts!

CoEmbed Dashboard

Other CoEmbed Features

  • Add text animations
  • Be able to set when these elements show up and for how long
  • Pop-up images
  • Social sharing buttons- get more viewers by leveraging the reach of social media
  • Add pre-roll and mid-roll videos in your videos (like YouTube ads in the beginning of the video or in the middle)
  • Real-time tracking- instant analytics on the number of impressions, clicks, views, opt-ins, conversions, etc.
  • Connect your opt-in leads to the email auto-responder you’re using
  • You can also embed all the elements above on any website!
  • Set up your own custom domain links
  • There’s endless possibilities with Coembed

With the PRO version, you’re able to unlock these Coembed special features:

  • Facebook Re-targeting- People who visit your campaign are automatically added onto your custom audience lists on Facebook. You can then re-target these specific interested audiences on your Facebook ads manager account and push related content to them.
  • A/B Split Testing- You can experiment with different variations of Call to Actions to analyze which convert better on your campaigns
  • Custom CSS- Add custom CSS code to your CTA campaigns when embedding on other people’s videos and other content. This allows you to customize the style of your CTA.
  • Custom Video Landing Page- Host your videos on your own custom landing page. Brand the page elements by adding your own logo, background, headline, and text.
  • Case Studies- Access the Coembed database of all their profitable campaigns to learn and optimize your own.


Coembed Traffic Master Training
Unlock even more special features:

  • Weekly live calls- Get specialized training with the Coembed team. Learn various strategies to fuel your campaigns. These replay videos are accessible to members who have purchased the Master Training option only.

Coembed Agency License

  • Create account access for your virtual assistants or whoever else is granted access.
  • Includes 50 unique licenses on the software


More Info

Creators: John Gibb, Mo Miah, and Misan Morrison
Launch Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Launch Time: 11AM, EST


If you purchase Coembed now and get all these tools above, I’ll even send you MORE BONUSES (over $2300 value!) to help you become the master of marketing.

Coembed bonus- Facebook Ads for Beginners

Bonus included with Coembed purchase- Ecommerce Profit Calendar planner

Bonus included with Coembed purchase- Youtube Marketing Excellence coursebonus- youtube marketing excellence 2

Bonus included with Coembed purchase- Facebook Authority Secrets ebook

Bonus included with Coembed purchase- Need for Speed Writing Course

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