Builderall Review- Online Marketing Made Easy through this All-in-One Platform

Builderall Logo

Builderall Logo

What is Builderall?

Builderall claims that it is the “ultimate all-in-one marketing platform”.

Quite frankly, the features are astounding: you’ll be able to build websites, blogs, salespages, sales funnels, collect leads, track SEO, send emails, and much more.

If you’re anything like me or the many other business owners out there that are constantly pulled in 100 different directions, you probably have software upon software and enough tabs open to crash your computer in any given second.

And the thing is, I’m paying multiple expensive subscriptions to be able to use these different softwares. In this product review, I’ll let you know how this matches up to the competitors.

This is a one- up on WordPress, which can be difficult to setup for beginners because of the numerous themes, plugins and hosting you have to figure out.

The front- end price for Bullderall is only $29.95, which is worth looking into. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

Builderall Overview

The Builderall dashboard includes an overall look of all your projects going on at the moment. You can see how many websites are being built, how many apps are being built, how many campaigns are running, how many subscribers you have in your email list, etc.

Builderall user dashboard
Builderall dashboard


A key feature is the quick training at the bottom of the page which allows newbies to get a quick tour of the software to really maximize its potential.

I also love the easy-to-navigate menu on the left-hand side. Builderall includes a ton of templates and already built sales funnels that you can use. Upon clicking each of the templates, the page is loaded with all the different elements already, and you can customize your page according to your liking by just dragging and dropping and editing the text.

It’s easy to add your own images, videos and other elements like CTA buttons and headings and more.

A Funnel Blueprint depicts the full sequence of the sales funnel and how it works. For example, a visitor might get to the landing page, then to the checkout page, which connects to specific email sequence, then to the membership area and the course.

With each page, you can add your own content as well so it’s appropriately branded, so that your website put its best foot forward, looks stunning, high-class, and professional.

With the iOS and Android app creator, you have a simple interface that you’ll be able to configure easily in a similar way to the website builder.

Other Tools Included with Builderall

  • Email Marketing and Autoresponder- create your lists and build email sequences all in one place.
  • Builderall Academy is also available for people who might not be as familiar with creating funnels and sequences. There are many tutorials that teach you how to use the Builderall tools effectively.
  • Create animated videos- build captivating presentations, floating videos and more; embed videos, varying content styles: flat design, 3D carousel, 3D circle, etc.
  • Design Studio- for creating mockups and box designs
  • SEO On Page Report Tool- enter your URL and Builderall will generate a full report from which you can analyze and improve
  • Click Map- gives the snapshot of how visitors are interacting with your site.
  • Over 16 types of tools included!


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Conclusion:  Builderall is an Awesome Tool!



  • I’ve never seen anything so comprehensive like this software. With over 16 tools, you won’t have to fumble around many different apps again. It’s literally all of the tools you currently use- Get Response, Click Funnels, Wix, Leadpages, Crazy Egg, WordPress, and more- all of which are costly to maintain. Builderall combines all of these powerful tools under ONE roof.
  • You won’t need to install confusing plugins or deal with coding an entire website, and won’t have to delegate this daunting task to an experienced coder. Builderall is a fully integrated platform.
  • Great support! It’s pretty much instant customer support. Now I don’t have to YouTube for hours on end just to figure out how to create a funnel and email sequence- the tutorials are all right there on the dashboard.
  • There are already 10,000 users who have built their businesses with Builderall.
  • Price can’t be beat! At $29.95, it’s way cheaper than the competition, like Clickfunnels’ $97 subscription.
  • After reviewing the platform, I’ve concluded that it’s something that ANYone can learn- from the beginners to the gurus. It is also applicable to all online marketers in ANY niche because it is so comprehensive.

—Try Builderall today! Go to the official website here—



  • I’ve run into some issues with mobile optimization. I reached out and the team got back to me! A bigger team of developers has been working on it.


Now that you’ve read my whole review, here’s some….

Special Bonuses for You!
Not only will you get all these incredible features from the Builderall platform, but because this offer is so awesome, I’m going to be giving you guys even more BONUSES!

If you download Builderall here, I’ll include more tools that will help you:
* automate your business
* build your web traffic
* create effective marketing campaigns
* generate more leads
* save you time
* push your visitors down your funnel
* maximize your profits
* and more!



Creator of Builderall- Simon Warner

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